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The Official LJ Community for fans of Adam Pascal.

I finally met Adam in person on April 3rd, 2006 at a show he did at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, CT. If you'd like to read about my experience or see other pictures, you can do so here. Enjoy! :)

Welcome! Thanks for joining the Adam Pascal LiveJournal Community!

1. Be respectful. No flaming, trolling, etc. DRAMA WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. We're all here to share in the Adam Love. Don't ruin it.
2. If you're making a post with either very large or numerous pictures, please do us a huge favor and utilize the lj-cut tag. If you need more information on the lj-cut, please see LJ FAQ #75 for more information.
3. ALL FILESHARING RELATED POSTS NEED TO BE MADE FRIENDS ONLY. If you don't know how to make a post friends only, please see LJ FAQ #24 for more information. A note on filesharing: Government regulations state that you may own one copy of a piece of digital media per copy you own in print. If you do not own the print format, you may download the media and delete it within 24 hours. This community takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for what you do with your files. If you do not agree with file-sharing over the internet, please don't join this community. Also, don't cause drama with those of us who don't mind it.
NEW!4/22/06 - If I give you a reminder to change a post to friends only and you don't do it within 24 hours, your post will be deleted and you'll get a warning. If it happens again, you'll be banned.
4. Off-topic posts are okay once in awhile, just don't go nuts.
5. Please type like a normal human being. This means NO ALL CAPS, nO wEiRdNeSs, no typing "lyke omg whutever1!!11oneoneshift1", etc. I'm not going to go Grammar Nazi on anyone, but please. Try to at least make complete sentences.
6. Promotions for other communities and websites are welcome as long as they are screened first. Please contact me using one of the listed methods if you're interested in promoting another community or website (including RPGs or forums). Chances are I'll have no problem, and may even want to affiliate with you! Posts that have not been approved will be deleted.

And lastly, have fun!

For any and all questions or concerns, please contact me via one of the following:

Email: noellelizbeth[at]hotmail[dot]com
AIM: stardustxsiren


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