Charlotte Corday (fallingribbons) wrote in adampascal,
Charlotte Corday

Poster & Trailer for 'Falling Star'

Falling Star (previously titled Goyband).

Falling Star is a romantic comedy that fuses music and pop culture with a satirical and gentle look into Orthodox Judaism and Kabbalah. In our story, Adam Pascal of "Rent" fame plays ex-boyband pop star, Bobby Starr. Bobby Starr is booked to headline the grand opening of the first Kosher Casino in the Catskills. The reason Bobby gets this unlikely booking is that the daughter of the hotel owner, Rebekkah (played by Amy Davidson of "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter") has a secret crush on him - hiring him to perform live at the hotel is her last act of rebellion before committing to her arranged marriage. Through his music, they will both be saved from their own illed destiny and discover a brighter future.

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I liked Goyband as the title better.

Falling Star just sounds...cheesy

Deleted comment

Everyone involved with this film is very proud of it. It's a cute romantic jewish comedy. And we've gotten rave reviews from Adam's fans already. And we let him know how he really is.