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New Adam interview @ BWW.COM

As you may or may not know, the RENT tour is currently in Toronto. A friend of mine recently had the awesome privilege to sit down with Adam and interview him.

You first played the role of Roger on Broadway, and then also did it in the UK, but this is your first time doing Rent on tour. How do you find touring differs from being in a sit-down production?
It's a bit more exciting because you have new people coming into the theatre every week or every two weeks. Also, the travel moves everything along and you don't get bored and nothing gets stale. The performing is obviously still the same, you do your job because that is what it is. But the travel has been very enjoyable and made the time go by quicker.

Do you have a favourite city so far?
I loved being in Japan. It was just a really special trip. We were there for a month and I fell in love with it. I also loved a lot of the Northwest cities like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago. I guess I like the bigger cities (or at least the nice ones) but Seattle was probably my favourite...

...the rest of the interview

At the source, there are TONS more Q&As, as well as an exclusive picture of Adam/Anthony/Lexie, so it's well worth the read!
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